Thank You! 60 hours left in our IndieGoGo campaign…

Last Wednesday, we hosted over 50 people at our Summer Party at Leftfield NYC. The fundraiser party featured an impromptu drum circle and an intro capoeira class (photos below). We raised over $1000 dollars towards our $18,000 fundraising goal to renovate our new space. Special thanks to all of you who attended, helped out, and contributed to the successful event.

drum circle

While the festivities have ended, the campaign continues. We have 60 hours left to go on our IndieGogo fundraising campaign. If you have pledged already, thank you so much. If you have a minute, please share our campaign with your friends and family. If you haven’t yet pledged, we appreciate any contribution you can make. Every little bit counts to help us renovate our new space and expand our capoeira leadership programs for young people in NYC (learn more).

If you prefer paper, you can print out this donation letter and form and mail it back with your contribution.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Afro Brazil Arts in our mission to light the fire of capoeira for thousands of NYC youth every year.

capoeira class

New York Brazilians to Drown Their Sorrows and Raise Money for a Good Cause


Annette Miñoso
Afro Brazil Arts
(212) 677-2203

Afro Brazil Arts’ Summer Party to Ease Brazil Fans’ Pain

New York, NY: Brazil’s National Soccer Team did not live up to expectations during their quarterfinal World Cup match. In the first half hour, the team was down by 5 points against Germany. This huge upset is heartbreaking for fans who see their team with national pride. Thankfully, Brazilians in New York City have an opportunity to support Capoeira, another Brazilian sport, help spread their culture and show their national pride.

Afro Brazil Arts, a non-profit youth organization that uses capoeira to teach children and young adults throughout New York City leadership skills, Brazilian culture and mindful physical fitness, will have their annual summer party on Wednesday July 9 at Leftfield’s, 87 Ludlow Street from 7:00pm – 9:30pm. The party will feature live drummers, a raffle for free capoeira and music lessons, and happy hour priced drinks. There is a $10 suggested donation at the door.

Capoeria, a martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music, is Brazil’s true national sport[1]. It was developed in Brazil by African descendants in the 1700s and incorporates many native Brazilian influences.  Afro Brazil Arts has brought capoeira to public schools and community centers for the last 25 years as a means to inspire achievement and promote community in the Lower East Side and the East Village.

Proceeds from the Summer Party will benefit the Afro Brazil Arts’ new studio and Young Scholars program.

About Afro Brazil Arts: Afro Brazil Arts is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire achievement, leadership and community through capoeira made accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Our programs include capoeira classes in schools and at the New York Capoeira Center, Brazilian dance and music performances, and training programs for teachers and teaching artists. For more information on Afro Brazil Arts, please go to

Information on children’s and adult classes can be found at

Leftfield is located at 87 Ludlow Street between Broome St & Delancey St. (212) 677-1100

[1] Comment made by Brazilian president Getúlio Vargas (1951-1954)

Afro Brazil Arts Annual Summer Party

Is the World Cup making you crave some more Brazilian culture?

Come to Leftfield in the Lower East Side for the Afro Brazil Arts Annual Summer Party on Wednesday, July 9. Come early for a free capoeira lesson and demonstration starting at 7 pm, live music and a raffle for lessons and other prizes.

Happy hour drink specials will be available from 7 pm until 9:30 pm.

Proceeds will benefit the Afro Brazil Arts’ New York Capoeira Center Renovation Project and our Young Scholars program.

Leftfield NYC, 87 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002
Wednesday, July 9, 7 pm-9:30 pm

Tickets: $10 admission or $20 admission + 4 raffle ticketsPurchase tickets online.

* The raffle will include capoeira gear, private lessons, and a custom beriambau cabaça by Solomon Ariranha Nadaf.

Join the event page on Facebook

Can’t attend the event? Please donate to our IndieGogo capital campaign for our new space.

Capoeira Journal – 4 Aug 2011

I’m finally taking Ari’s advice to heart and writing a capoeira journal. I have tons of notebooks all over the place, but I lose them or get them mixed up with my other notes. I think blogging about it will make it easier for me.

Three firsts this week:

First time getting elbowed in the face. It was kind of my fault for not blocking, but I learned a valuable lesson that I will remember. Thanks LC! Tip from Ari: use your elbows to block your partner’s elbow and knee, it’s more subtle and less aggressive than using your hands. My cheek is still a little sore,

First time doing a pull up. I was inspired by a blogpost I stumbled upon on Art of Manliness and decided to go for it. I was I was at the academy taking a break by a horizontal bar and just pulled myself up. This is certainly not something I could have done a year ago. Next step is trying to do 2 in a row. Looking to build upper body strength in general so I can do queda de rins into a tesoura, like we were doing on Tuesday night in class.

First time doing a handstand away from a wall. After Ari giving me a valuable tip of folding my body more and getting my feet closer to my hands before I go up, I was able to go up into a handstand. It seems that the trick is thinking more about up, rather than forward. Forward is fine for doing a handstand on a wall, where the wall is there to catch you, but up is where it’s all about.

Another lesson learned this week, Grilo taught us how to do a tesoura while guarding the family jewels. Valuable tip indeed.

Curious about capoeira? Join us at the New York Capoeira Center.