The Wine Trials

The Wine Trials is an upcoming book that describes of a series of blind tastings that I took part in last year. The tastings were great fun. We were encouraged to come up with creative, uncensored descriptions of wines. I thought one of the wines tasted like cat pee. The book recommends 100 wines under $15 that beat $50-$150 wines in the tastings.

I’m all about the cheap wine, like the 3-buck chuck from Trader Joe’s, or the 4-dollar Spanish table wine I got from JUSCO when I lived in Japan. These days, I get my cheap wine from Fresh Direct. They have a great 7-dollar vinho verde and an 11-dollar cava that are regular fixtures of my wine stash.

This week’s issue of Newsweek has an article about the book on page 12 of the magazine, the text of the article is also online.

You can pre-order copies of The Wine Trials from

Guide to E-Advocacy's guide to e-Advocacy, Click Here for Change: Your Guide to the E-Advocacy Revolution is an excellent primer to e-Advocacy for newcomers to the field, as well as helpful reference guide to more experienced campaigners. The guide gives a brief overview of the history of online organizing, outlines the technological tools and strategies for campaigning both online and offline, and provides case studies as a point of reference.  

The guide is written from a US perspective for organizing in a US political context, but the strategies and case studies contained within can be applied to e-Advocacy in an international context too. is trying to do this very thing, by taking the successful strategies of groups like in the US domestic political arena and applying it in an international context.

Click here to download the PDF version of the PolicyLink guide to E-Advocacy

Amy and David Goodman Booksigning



On Wednesday, I volunteered to pass out fliers outside of the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Union Square to promote Amy and David Goodman's reading and book-signing of their new book, Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back.  Amy Goodman is an award-winning journalist and anchor of Democracy Now!, a defiant bastion of independent journalism.  

Amy and David's talk about the injustice and needless suffering of innocent people in the so-called "War on Terrorism" moved me to tears.  Now, as I read the book, I am finding my anger – my anger towards the government and the media for their propaganda campaign to suppress democracy and the truth in this country and around the world.  Amy and David's talk and book have really motivated me and reminded me why I am an activist. 

Both the book and the news program are worth checking out. Get informed, get angry, and take action. 

Democracy Now!