August ccSalon SF MP3s


Here are audio recordings I made of the speakers from last night’s ccSalon SF at PariSoMa.  Right click or control-click on the speakers’ names to download the MP3s.

From the Vaults: Teenage Compositions

Here are  some of my earliest musical compositions (dating from the early and mid 1990’s, when I was just entering high school). I started playing around with MIDI sequencing and audio processing during this time, and here are the results of my experimentation. At times cringe-worthily cheesy, and other times still surprisingly brilliant 10 years later (If I do say so myself).  In any case, I present my nostalgic tasting menu of teenage angst and experimentation.

A.G. – Weird erratic/eclectic General MIDI madness
Drama Queen – Smoky night-time eyes, tape hiss, and more drama
Dream – MIDI-powered koto and shamisen Orientalism, oh my!
Fondue – Minimalist mating music for robots
Hymn – A terrifying deconstructed Taiwanese hymn
Last Song – Just when you thought it was over, last but not last
Prozac Piano – Pop a pill before you listen

You know you want to download them all in one ZIP file.

head(banger)phones – FINAL

I’m getting ready to present the head(banger)phones for the ITP Winter Show.  A little bit of solder helped to get rid of the short circuit problem I was having periodically with the accelerometer.  I also replaced the orchestral audio samples I originally used to demo the head(banger)phones with some synth samples I recorded from my Sidstation.

The head(banger)phones are a personal music device made up of a pair of headphones and a sensor.  When the user wears the head(banger)phones, the motion and position of her head triggers different sounds, creating a dynamic interactive musical experience.

Source code after the jump: Continue reading head(banger)phones – FINAL

New track: NO2H8

Protest Against Prop 8

Listen to my latest musical composition, NO2H8, based on audio I recorded of speeches at the Protest Against Prop 8 this Sunday and some organ and synth tracks of “deconstructed” Mendelsohn’s Wedding March.

[MP3] [AIFF]

ICM Final: Musical Typewriter Screenshot

I got the audio visualization to work.  The waves represent the audio waveforms of the percussion alphabet.  The letters fade out gradually after you type them to in order to help pace the user and to represent the “life cycle” of each note through time.  Here is a screenshot:

Source code after the jump:

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