SokoSquare Thesis Update 2

I had some big design breakthroughs for my thesis this week. I want to take the online barter matching idea and make it open source and truly peer to peer, rather than concentrated in a central database. Users will be able to create their own “barter baskets” which list their preferences for what they want and what they have to barter. Be barter baskets will then be able to query their friends, friends of friends, etc. baskets looking for complementary matches. Sound crazy and vague? I’m working on it, but also cultivating mystery. More soon.

Latest documentation here (PDF).

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  • came through Jet Wit

    I’ve gotta say, sorry, but what is the point of this blog ?

    It’s an example of lots of media with little actual content of any significance.

    Wonder why you don’t get any comments ?

    It seems like you are desparate to be someone or be something to be an entrepreneur
    but maybe you should concentrate on impacting on people in the real world rather than
    just trying to maintain this big presence on the web.

  • This is my public note/sketch pad. I have to document my work for grad school. If it makes no sense to you, it’s because you aren’t the intended audience.