Latest Track

Hepnova =  Me, Nicholas DiBiase, and friends. Here’s our latest album and our best songs from 1998-2003.  Twitter: @hepnova

Transistor Troubadour (current project in progress)

The Hepnova music back catalog


Snapshots, a collection of compositions created in during my graduate studies at ITP. [Flash version] [HTML version]

LS & JC, a musical collaboration with singer-songwriter JC Cassis

tdat, I was one of the vocalists for Joe Mariglio’s ITP thesis piece

The Stone Buddhas, a cover band I was in when I lived in Japan

Teenage Compositions, some of my earliest works from junior high and high school

LS, Sophia, and Nicholas at the summer 2007 Hepnova recording sessions  in Scottsdale, AZ.