LS and Kris at Kia’s Birthday Party

Me, Kris, and disembodied hand at Kia’s birthday party at Hakata Tonton in the West Village (right next to the infamous Marie’s Crisis). Hakata Tonton is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in pigs feet (or “pied de cochon” as they say on their website), which is high in collagen and supposedly good for your skin. In any case, I don’t need that as an excuse to eat delicious pork fat. The 40 dollar (including drinks, tax and tip) party package can’t be beat either.

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Foossa Facts

  • Ooh, pork fat sounds lovely. I’d love a nice BLT right about now… if only it weren’t that turkey bacon, or that veal bacon stuff…
    Who woulda thought that pork smuggling would become a fad?

  • Nothin’ like having a few drinks while gnawing on hog feet. ‘Round these parts, we call it an ‘orgy.’