Little Saigon Deli

I had lunch today at Little Saigon Deli, a Vietnamese banh mi shop in the Financial District/SoMa area of San Francisco, near the waterfront and the Bay Bridge.  I had regular pork sandwich and a green coconut waffle lunch combo ($5.50 for any sandwich and waffle). The sandwich consisted of tender and fatty pork belly offset by plenty of fresh vegetables and a bit of a kick from chili peppers, all in a crunchy-chewy baguette.  I went with Parker, a fellow Creative Commons intern, and the Vietnamese sandwich guy asked him if he wanted chilies, but he didn’t ask me.  Maybe it’s because I’m Asian and Parker is white, so it’s assumed that I can handle the heat?  Dunno, but the heat was definitely welcome.  I have no idea why the coconut waffle is green (lightly tinted, not shockingly green), and it didn’t really taste all that strongly of coconut, but it was good.  In fact, I was so hungry that I ate most of the waffle on the walk back to the office, before I even had my sandwich.

Little Saigon Deli

Photo by Sheenie L., via Yelp

Little Saigon Deli
Vietnamese Sandwiches – Snacks – Desserts
131 Steuart Street, Suite 101
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 284-7375
Monday – Friday
8 AM – 4 PM

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Foossa Facts

  • Ooh.. banh mi– very nice!! Of all the cuisines we have in sunny Doha, I am surprised we don’t have a hole-in-the-wall banh mi shop yet. I’ve looked on the Internet to find out how to make them, but they’re not quite the same without pork I don’t think.

  • dan

    I’m glad to hear the sandwich was good; I’ve heard they’re inconsistent but so often that’s as much a reflection on the reviewers as anything else. I find the waffles addictive; sometime I just find myself there in the afternoon scoring a greenie and a diet coke and just having a snack at the embarcadero with the bay bridge and the ghost piers. Life affirming, almost.