Hepnova Multimedia is a project I started with Nicholas DiBiase.  We are a genre-defying music collective, multimedia production company, think tank, and modern lifestyle brand.  Twitter: @hepnova


More music at hepnova.com.  Check out our unique T-shirts, art prints, and other merchandise on Zazzle..


Hepnova is fresh media. Count on us for:

  • A disciplined, upbeat, and modern approach to branding and marketing
  • Graphic design and photography that’s crisp, vibrant, and appealing
  • Elegant, functional Web development
  • Copywriting with clarity and warmth
  • Inspiring lifestyle design that emphasizes ergonomics, a scientific approach to health, and self-sufficiency
  • Groovy apparel and products
  • Made-to-order music and audio to suit any application
  • Fast turnaround times and great quality of service
  • Highly competitive pricing. Alternative payment structures available (barter is the new black!)

We can help your project or firm stand out from the noise. We base our approach on user-centric design principles. Our network of experts produces results that totally rule.

Fresh ideas. Increased edge. Hepnova.

Email us: services[at]hepnova[dot]com