Designing Participatory Movements

My SVA Design for Social Innovation webinar with Alessandra Orofino. You can download our slides on Scribd.

Description: Designing Participatory Movements
Alessandra Orofino and Lee-Sean Huang, DSI faculty members and founding team members of Purpose Brazil, will discuss the role of design in their work building participatory movements, large groups of people coming together to create shared civic value.

Start with a Circle: Musings on Movement Design, Capoeira, Oscar Wilde, and More

Video of me giving a Pecha Kucha-style talk at a event in March 2011. I weave together a story that combines design philosophy and movement building with anecdotes and metaphors from capoeira, pop culture, and literary history.

There was a camera glitch halfway through the talk, so please pardon the jump cut. Music by Hepnova.

“This Land is Your Land” on Yueqin

Getting all folky on the Fourth of July. Here is my acoustic cover of Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land.” The banjo-like instrument is a Taiwanese instrument called a “yueqin” in Mandarin or “gueh-khim” in Taiwanese. It’s sometimes called a “moon guitar” in English.