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SokoSquare Thesis Presentation

7 May 2010 · 1 Comment

Video of me presenting my ITP thesis project: SokoSquare. ITP Thesis Presentation: SokoSquare from lee-sean on Vimeo. Download PDF of my SokoSquare thesis paper And here is the back channel chat log from Chatterous: maddparker@… sent an instant message at (05/05/10 13:19): i have a friend who’s nickname is soko tom.igoe@… sent an instant message […]

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SokoSquare Thesis Update 5

7 April 2010 · 0 Comments

A major milestone for SokoSquare this week.  We turned in the final draft of our business plan for the Stern Business Plan Competition.  Now we just need to refine our 15 minute pitch for the semi finalist pitch round on April 16.  We had a very successful feedback session in the pitch dress rehearsal last […]

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SokoSquare Thesis Update 4

26 March 2010 · 1 Comment

A quick update on the status of SokoSquare:  Catherine, Peter, and I went to a “how to pitch” workshop at Stern this Tuesday and got some practice presenting and feedback from other teams.  We have a dress rehearsal of the full pitch next Wednesday. We will also be participating in an ITP pitch-off this Saturday, […]

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SokoSquare thesis update 3

4 March 2010 · 1 Comment

Lots of development on SokoSquare this week, but haven’t had time to reflect. Tuesday: presented Soko in a trade show-like format at the Stern New Venture Fair for biz plan semifinalist teams. It was cool to see what the competition was up to and to practice the pitch to different audiences. Met some potential advisers […]

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SokoSquare Thesis Update 2

18 February 2010 · 2 Comments

I had some big design breakthroughs for my thesis this week. I want to take the online barter matching idea and make it open source and truly peer to peer, rather than concentrated in a central database. Users will be able to create their own “barter baskets” which list their preferences for what they want […]

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