How Trent Reznor & NIN Represent the Future of the Music Biz

Video of Mike Masnick’s keynote presentation at the Leadership Music Digital Summit (25 March 09):

Masnick talks about how “free music” business models can allow musicians to connect with fans and give them reasons to pay the band in other ways. Using NIN as a case study, Masnick also gives examples of how “free” models have worked for less-established artists. Note the mention of Creative Commons around 6:45.

Also be sure to check out Trent Reznor’s thoughts on what to do as a new/unknown artist on the NIN forums. (Thanks to Parker for the link.)

JC Cassis LIVE @ Don Hill’s in Tribeca this Friday

Date: Friday, April 3, 2009
Time: 8:45pm SHARP
Place: Don Hill’s, 511 Greenwich Street, NYC (
Cost: $10 at the door (Make sure to say you’re there to see JC Cassis)
JC and band (I’m the keyboard player) will be performing new dance-pop tracks as well as some old faves off her album, 80 Measures.

Also, stay tuned for a FIERCE remix of “Can’t Stop.”

Kia’s Homemade Bake Sale

My friend Kia has just opened up a bakery business based in Jersey City, NJ, which also serves the NYC area. The baked goods look delicious!  Definitely check them out for the holiday season!

Kia’s Homemade Bake Sale

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