Kris & Sophia meet the head(banger)phones

Here are some photos of Sophia and Kris trying out my head(banger)phones the other day:

Sophia meets head(banger)phones

Kris meets head(banger)phones

I’m finding more blog posts about the head(banger)phones from across the international Internets.

Here are posts from Australia, Brazil, and France.

ITP Winter Show on the Internets


Here are some news clippings of the ITP Winter Show from across the Internets:

MAKE: Blog: ITP Winter Show 2008 – Best of show… Plate spinning DJ, drinking piano, magnet music

MAKE: Blog: More from the ITP Winter Show 2008

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ITP Winter Show 2008 – Highlights.  – Wiredset / Blogs / Mark Ghuneim

Kia’s Homemade Bake Sale

My friend Kia has just opened up a bakery business based in Jersey City, NJ, which also serves the NYC area. The baked goods look delicious!  Definitely check them out for the holiday season!

Kia’s Homemade Bake Sale

The Presidential Debate: I HAVE A BRACELET so I should be president

I watched the Obama-McCain debate tonight, while chatting on AIM with my ITP classmates.  Rather amusing indeed, the best part was when both candidates compared their accessories collection.

“I HAVE A BRACELET TOO!”  Are bracelets from military families the new yellow ribbons or flag pins?

Show your patriotism with an “I HAVE A BRACELET” T-shirt.  Buying stuff is patriotic too.

More on the bracelet battle from Reuters.

And from Michelle Malkin of all people.

Floral Wall Decals

Although I moved into my apartment last December, decorating and designing the space has been a long-term work in progress.  I just recently ordered some floral wall decals online from Urban Outfitters and put them up in my studio apartment.  I think they add nice splashes of color and visual interest on the walls.  The bold, solid colors and nature motif make me happy and go well with my subtle Asian design elements and existing floral photography.  The decals are super easy to put on walls, and can be peeled right off and reused.

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Wall Decals