Pack of Lies

Sue-Shi, former vocalist/percussionist for Hepnova/The Ronald Raygun just published a werewolf-themed erotic novel, Pack of Lies.  Now available as an ebook for only $4.99.  Check it out!

While on the topic of Sue-Shi, check out some of her greatest hits!
Sex Power
Money (That’s What I Want) – Cover
Sexy Friends

I forgot my native language

I got really good feedback about my NIME project in class tonight that will help me develop my Mumbo Jumbo Maracas piece.  In thinking about how I want everything to fit together, I am strongly leaning towards making my performance an ensemble piece.  I definitely want to keep both the maracas and the gibberish speech samples in the composition.  I’m thinking that I will play the Wiimote which will be triggering the mumbo jumbo language samples, while another musician will play the maracas.  A third musician will be playing a melodic instrument.  I still need to sort out the details, but that is where I stand as of tonight.  My next steps are scoring out the composition, learning more about OSC and PD.

On the way home, a lullaby-like melody and lyrics came into my head while I was in the subway.  Here are the words.  I think they will help guide me in what I want to say with the Mumbo Jumbo Maracas project.

I forgot my native language
I forgot my mother tongue
I forgot the tales you’ve told me
I forgot the songs you’ve sung

5 Minute Love Poem

Today in my Show and Tell Studio class with Nancy Hechinger, we went through some creative exercises to help develop our communications skills and the ability to respond quickly to challenges.  Our first task was to write a love poem in five minutes.  I am usually a tortured writer who takes hours to write short pieces, so I love the challenge of being forced to write something quick and raw.  Here’s my five-minute love poem:

True love waits
But it doesn’t
That’s bull$h1t
It just hits you like a bus
Out of the blue
Knocking you out
And then you wake up one day
Alone again
Is it over?

San Francisco Alleyways


Alleyways in the
City of Saint Francis
Hide Victorian houses
California dreaming
Or warehouse walls
Covered in human excrement
Hipsters or homeless
Smoking the dregs of humanity
Oh California
You finally spread
Your golden legs of
Before I leave you