Anti-Paparazzi Bags, Burqas, and Backlash


My ITP classmate Adam Harvey has invented an anti-paparazzi clutch bag that “communicates the desire to NOT be photographed.”  According to Adam, “when the device detects a camera flash it responds with another flash that obscures the photo.”  Awesome idea Adam!

Apparently one paparazzo doesn’t like the idea too much.  Adam recently received his first hate mail from an angry paparazzo:


“Reducing income for my growing young family”!? Oh no, the paparazzi are breeding?

If he’s worried that the device won’t work, why is this pissed-off paparazzo worried about his economic livelihood?  By the way, for the record, I’ve tried out the prototype, and it definitely works.

In any case, I think that celebs should take a cue from the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson (peace be upon him), and wear a burqa in public to avoid being photographed.  I don’t want to name anyone in particular, but if your last name is Hilton or Beckham, you might want to consider it.


But if you are a celeb that MUST be seen in public sans-burqa (like if you’re in France for the Cannes Film Festival, for example), then check out Adam’s site for more information about his invention.  A limited supply will be available in Spring 2010.

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  • Hilarious. Top of the line posting, my darling.

    Uh…WHAT? You follow GuyKawasaki?

    In the words of my 13-year-old students:

    This post: WIN
    Who you follow on Twitter: epic fail

  • Haha, living in San Francisco has made me epically uncool. I need to go back to LA or NYC to regain my FABULOUS!

  • namabiru

    The burqa on Michael Jackson is charming… considering it is traditionally *women* who wear burqa.

  • “Black”/”White,” “Man/Woman,” Michael broke the barriers down 😉

  • Perez Hilton has discovered the anti-paparazzi bag:

    Congrats Adam! Now that you’ve been “Perez’ed” you’ve officially arrived. Maybe it’s worth talking to LV, Prada or Gucci now for some co-branding opportunities. Or maybe just talk to one of those knock-off guys hanging out on Canal street.