50 Word Fiction #1

Today I tried out to be a teacher for an SAT prep company called Revolution Prep. There were about 13 of us at the audition. We had to teach a short, non-SAT-related lesson on the topic of our choice as a demonstration of our classroom teaching potential. I did an interactive lesson on how to order drinks in Japanese. One girl named Tatiana introduced us to the idea of 50 word fiction. It is meant to be a daily exercise where you have to write a short, fictional story in only 50 words. The story should begin right in the middle of the action or a vivid sensory description and end with a twist. I wonder if I will be disciplined enough to try it as a daily practice. It seems like a great intellectual and creative exercise.

Here is my first attempt below:

Amy was doing cartwheels on the lawn. Dog days of summer. Sprinklers turn on. Johnny washing his car in the driveway. Lemonade stand across the street. Damn neighborhood kids riding their bikes through my flowerbeds. Damn punks with their music too loud. So I throw my garden gnome at them.

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  • Brilliant! Th’ above is, sans doute, an admirable first effort. In it, I can see vibrant promise bristling from between th’ letters. How delightfully coincidental that you too have discovered the narrative therapy. I was inspired enough by this idea to make my own first attempt, as seen here.

  • Ha ha, I love it! Let’s see…
    “Frustrated, I punch the keys for the millionth time, looking for the haystack-imprisoned needle. Speed-reading the results, finding everything yet finding nothing, I realize the evasive catalog search symbolizes the podunk town life which surrounds me–everything a simple-minded Joe could possibly desire is here, yet there still is nothing.”
    Well, maybe a bit of tinkering is required. Or perhaps a trip to the electronic round file.

  • Hey! That’s 53 words!

    Th’ Academy is not pleased.

    Nice story though — is that about trying to break into a digital-lock safe in Duluth?

  • Bah! I got 50 words on Word’s wordcount.
    No, it’s a crudely-constructed artistic expression of my sheer boredom while stuck in the little hometown I grew up in in rural Montana. Which I suppose could be quite similar to Duluth.
    The mottos around here are ‘your business is everyone’s business’ and ‘nothing changes around here except for the date’. Don’t worry, though, I’m working on getting out. Currently pricing vacations to Mexico. (^^) Maybe I’ll forget to come back.

  • haha sweet…. think I’ll try that too, it sounds interesting.