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30 May 2008 · 1 Comment

Photos from Montreal now on Flickr

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Community Activism: Battling the 88 Greenwich Board & Management Company

20 May 2008 · 3 Comments

Ok, so here’s the deal. Residents in my building, Greenwich Club Residences, have been trying to get our management company to removed plastic lock boxes from the Sirius Radio control units in the common areas of our building. When I first moved in, we had access to control the radios, as these radios in the […]

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Links of the Day

20 May 2008 · 0 Comments

Red State Update on the CA court ruling WASP Old Money still hate Jew New Money Just wait until the Russian Billionaires, the Gulf Arabs and the Chinese start putting their names on New York institutions… Amy Walker’s 21 Accents Sudanese child-soldier-turned hip-hop-artist Emmanual Jal’s new album EMMANUEL JAL – Warchild – The Video – […]

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Please support me for the AIDS Walk

15 May 2008 · 1 Comment

Hi everyone, I just signed up to participate in the AIDS Walk this Sunday in Central Park with my colleagues at Human Rights Watch. If you able to help, please consider making an online donation to fund a worthy cause. Thanks you so for your support. AIDS Walk New York is the world’s largest AIDS […]

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On Settling, continued

14 May 2008 · 1 Comment

The Mistress of Philosophy at Minor Arcana has published her views on Lori Gottlieb’s article, “Marry Him!” She references my previous post on the article, which represents my 2 cents on Sophia’s take on Gottlieb. Confused? It looks like Ms. Gottlieb has really touched a nerve amongst unmarried late 20-somethings…

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