Light a Candle for World AIDS Day

As World AIDS Day approaches (Dec. 1), we are reminded that millions of people need our help with the AIDS pandemic, but we often think, "What can I do?"

Here is one simple way you can help, and it costs you nothing but a moment and a mouse click.

Bristol Myers Squibb will donate $1 for every person who goes to their web site and lights a candle to fight AIDS, up to a max of $100,000 (chump change for them, but we'll take it). At this point, the counter is just over 26,000… so we need many more candles lit.

Please go to this link to light a candle… and help spread the light.

Thanksgiving 2006 Photos

I spent Thanksgiving at my friend Nate's potluck.  I brought a goat cheese, almond, pear, red onion and mixed green salad with a raspberry vinaigrette.  Afterwards, we headed to Muse Karaoke for a 3-hour singing binge.  Check out some pics below: