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An Awkward Cyborg: The State of Healthcare User Experience

Check out my latest post on Medium about my take on the state of UX in the American healthcare system:

While sitting in the the waiting room this morning for a routine medical lab test, I applied my designer’s eye to what I was experiencing and started thinking about the state of user experience in American healthcare.

From my perspective as a designer and a patient, I characterize the state of the industry today as “an awkward cyborg.” On one hand, we have the shiny veneer of technological innovation, but on the other, we still have a lot of work to do to address the human emotional elements of the healthcare experience.

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An Awkward Cyborg



Happy Mango at StartOut Demo Day

The Foossa team and I are looking forward to presenting Happy Mango Credit at the StartOut Demo Day at Civic Hall on February 24.


Happy Mango is a free service that allows you to visualize your financial health, get a new kind of real-time credit rating, and apply for loans directly from community banks and credit unions. Foossa designed the Happy Mango branding and user interface in collaboration with The Tiger Party.

Sign up for Happy Mango and let us know what you think at

Already have good credit? Not in the market for a new loan? No worries. You can still take advantage of Happy Mango’s free financial visualization tools.

The more people who sign up for Happy Mango, the more power we have together to change the whole credit rating and consumer credit industry, making it more transparent, more responsive, and more human.

We are building a movement to humanize credit. Join us.

p.s. We are also looking for investors to partner with to help us take Happy Mango to the next level. If you are interested or can help us make an introduction, that would be much appreciated:


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